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Pop Up Kids!

We were in great company last weekend with some of the most popular, design-centric kids’ fashion brands at Pop Up Kids! 

Pop Up Kids is a unique event celebrating fun and fashion for kids. It is an interactive shopping experience like no other. Kids are encouraged to come and enjoy the different themed activities while moms (even dads too!) shop from a selection of homegrown and international fashion brands. 

Pop Up Kids hopes to establish this event as a first of its kind bi-annual gathering of children’s fashion brands to launch new collections and highlight the growing local demand for alternative, modern, and stylish clothing and accessories for children.

More about this event thru photos in the coming weeks! Thank you, everyone who visited! We had tons of fun with all of you!

WILD GEOMETRY : The googoo&gaga Holiday 2013 Collection

googoo&gaga, once again, embraces bold and fun prints across a colorful palette of geometric shapes. Richly patterned with deer, rocket ships, and fair isle, our Holiday 2013 Collection gives your child’s wardrobe a stylish and upbeat hum this season.


Fair Isle Invaders

Geometric Camouflage

Deer Head

Rocket Launch

Plaid Tiger


Geometric Heart

Wild and Free

Tribal Necklace

Deer Head

Deer Mosaic

Kooky Kid : Miya Alano

The semestral break found us on short out of town trips and plenty of mall visits! It also ran right smack into our Halloween 2013 pre-order and deliveries, WHILE also getting our Holiday 2013 Collection ready!

So, we’d like to sit back a bit and breathe. On a breezy, sweet Monday morning, we introduce to you pretty, doe-eyed Miya Alano!!!

Mom Cris says : Miya is our precocious 2 year old. She’s very talkative and will tell you stories of how her day went or what  movie (downloaded) she recently watched. She loves to sing and her very recent favorite is our National Anthem hehe (she started school in June).  She loves to make people laugh with her makeup songs and silly dance moves.

Miya, in her Love Tree dress :)

Halloween 2013

Swarming your way this Halloween!

Pre-order onesies, kids tees, and Mom/Dad tees from October 7-11, 2013 thru audrey at googooandgaga dot com! Deliveries will start on the week of October 21st. 

Cool, quirky, spooky guaranteed!

The 2nd Mompreneur Summit : Passion and Purpose

Come see us talk about our brand story at the 2nd Mompreneur Summit. This Saturday, September 14, 2013. More details here. http://mompreneurmanila.com/the-2nd-mompreneur-summit/

Kooky Kids : Sky and River Catilo

It’s going to be an exciting week for us! There are 4 more days until the 2nd Mompreneur Summit! We have been invited to talk about googoo&gaga! More about that tomorrow :)

And to start the fun, here are our lovely Kooky Kids of the week! 

Mom Sheila writes : Sky (4 turning 5) is as girly as a girl can be. A lover of pink and purple, butterflies, flowers, unicorns, fairies, mermaids, headbands and tutus. To her, the best day ever is any day with a carousel ride, or better yet, a horseback ride. Sky is a very passionate and confident little lady and she speaks her mind freely. She is the type who will make friends in the playground, sing out loud, or dance when she hears music - even in public. Her role-model (aside from mommy she says) is Doc McStuffins and she dreams of someday going to Disneyland and becoming a princess. 

River (1.5 years) is the sweetest little ball of energy you will ever meet. When she is not climbing on things, this tiny gadget-savvy girl is busy trying to figure out anything she gets her hands on. She enjoys playing with her blocks, peek-a-boos, making silly faces on the mirror and taking walks around the house while holding hands with mommy and/or daddy. She gives the best hugs with matching cheek-to-cheek and little (wet) kisses. Her first and all-time-favorite movie is Wreck it Ralph and she will drop everything she is doing once she sees it on the screen.

Sisters Sky and River, in Love Tree and Superstar. They are children to star photographers, Jorem and Sheila Catilo.

Playtime Tokyo is our next stop!

Find us at Space A07 from the 27th of August until the 29th! 

More Playtime Paris News on Petites Marionnettes

Our Playtime Paris features keep coming! 

Petites Marionnettes discovers fabulous fashion collections from all over for next year’s Spring and Summer seasons!

She says she is a fan of this brand from the Philippines! Awww. 



Kooky Kids : Kieran and Kalon Jacob

It’s a longer weekend because of the typhoon. Although we wish that it be kind to us, we are happy that it’s one day more of no school, which means more crafting, painting, laughing, snuggling with the kids! Don’t you just love how weekends are automatically family time?

Mom Amanda makes sure her time in between, (and while, if the job allows it) shoots, tapings, errands are spent with her two boys, who she adores from head to toe!

She writes : Kieran loves being a big bro. He’s protective and loving and he’s slowly learning to share. Kalon is smitten with his kuya. He watches Kiery in awe and amazem

ent, always wanting to grab his attention. 

They both love airplanes and dinosaurs. Kieran is a little fish who is able to swim unaccompanied (takes after his Olympic swimming Tita Christine Jacob Sandejas).

Since both of them are vegetarian, they seem to love eggs and oatmeal.

Above all else they are both the sweetest, most carino little boys!

Kieran and Kalon, in Space Heartbreakers.